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Chimney Repairs Bristol

To prevent your house from smelling inside, have the top Bristol technicians, and other experts fix your chimneys.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Have a leaking roof that needs to be fixed right away? Our skilled team will make sure to reach your doorstep to provide you with emergency roof repair services.

Roofing Valley Repairs

Have your roofs double-coated to protect them from dust and to prevent water leaks inside your home that could harm other areas of the structure.

Gutter Repairs

You can get the gutters near your property replaced in the segments that have been damaged to avoid further damage and keep the other parts intact.

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Roofing Contractor Services Bristol

With years of experience, our team ensures you the best results from our services so you can live safely.

Roofing Leak Repairs

We provide a full range or roofing repair services on most types of roofs, flat, pitched and commercial roofing,

Roofing Contractors

Roof Contractors in Bristol. Loose tiles, damaged tiles and cracked roof tiles repaired professionally by our expert Roofers in Bristol City and County.

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Your Roof is arguably the most significant areas of our homes and properties. We are flat roofing and flat roof repair experts, let us give you a quote today.

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Standard Seam Metal Roof Systems

We use a hidden fastener roofing system, which consists of legs that are either straight or triangular and have a flat area between them, to create the most practical roof system.

Tile Roof Systems

Choose from various roof tiles made of diverse materials, including terracotta, concrete, and other regional, sustainable, and recyclable materials.

Steep Slope Roofing Systems

Choose the best roofing materials for your roof, as this will affect the supplies needed to cover the roof and the work required.

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"From the beginning, the service was first-rate. When it came time to visit the house for an evaluation, their team was incredibly fast and friendly."
Nigel L. McCants
"I want to express my gratitude for your superb work on our roof. The aspect of the final product I enjoyed the most was its fantastic appearance and superb quality."
Amber J. Kirk
"I'm really happy I got in touch with Bristol City Roofing for the roofing job. They took care to complete every job promptly and produce successful outcomes."
George B. Hurt

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Roofing Design

Best Tips To Find The Suitable Roofing Designs For Your House

The roof is one of the essential components of your home. It keeps you warm and protects you from harsh weather conditions and other dangers. Along with protecting your house, they also play an essential role in defining the appearance of your house. Therefore, homeowners must be cautious when selecting the roof type for their houses.

Whether selecting the roofing design for your newly constructed house or replacing the existing one, finding the right roofing design can be very challenging. You can look into this guide to get some tips that can make this daunting task of choosing the proper roofing simple and easy.

roofing design

Location of your building

One of the critical factors you need to consider while choosing the roofing design for your home is its location. You also need to consider the climatic condition of the place. For instance, if you live in an area prone to cyclones, you have to go for a hip roof and pyramid roof with slopes to withstand the strong winds. If you live in a region prone to heavy rainfall, you will have to choose roofs with slopes, like saltbox roofs, so that the water can drain quickly. If you reside in a tropical region, you will not have to worry about climatic conditions; you can go with any roof of your choice.

As we know, the roof safeguards us and our house from weather conditions. Therefore it is crucial to make the right choice in terms of color and texture. For instance, if you live in an area prone to high temperatures, you will have to choose light colors for your roof.


If you plan to construct a new house or renovate your home, you must start from the exterior. The right aesthetic appeal will not just grab the viewers’ attention, but it will provide many benefits, like boosting the value of your home. And one of the main factors that can decide the appearance of your house is roofing. The roofing design and the material used for roofing will drastically affect the look of your house. Therefore, while choosing the roofing design, you will have to see if they are compatible with the structure of your building, exterior, and finishing.


While choosing a roof, you will have to see its functionalities and not just its aesthetics. For instance, gambrel roofs that replicate a Dutch style will be a treat to your eyes, but they are not durable. In addition, they cannot withstand fierce winds if you live in a cyclone-prone area.


Cost of construction

While choosing the proper roofing for your house, you must also consider your budget. For instance, doom roofs are expensive, while flat roofs are budget-friendly. This mainly depends on the material and design you want for your roof. So, if you have a budget in mind, it is better to talk with a specialist who can understand your needs and suggest the right roof design. Consider all these factors while choosing the roofing design for your home.

Roofing Materials

Different Types Of Roofing Materials For Your Home

The roof of your house is an essential component for many reasons. It protects you from various elements, protects you and your family from cold, and keeps all of you warm. Also, they play a crucial role in keeping the stricture of your home intact. Thus, the roof is one such component that can boost the value of your home. Therefore having a quality and well-maintained roof is vital.

You can look into this guide to learn about different types of roof materials available in the market. So, learn about various roofing materials and their pros and cons to make an informed decision for your home.

Solar Tiles

You can consider solar tile roofing if you are searching for a fancy-looking and appealing roofing option. Since solar tiles absorb solar energy and enable the conversion of natural energy into power, they help save your home’s electricity bill.

But, solar tiles are costly and take a long time to install. Also, they are not beneficial for houses in shady areas. Moreover, they are fragile compared to other roofing materials.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles are the roofing option that is used by most modern homes. They are a classic option for roofing because they are affordable and easy to install, repair, and remove when needed. Moreover, there are a variety of asphalt Shingles to choose from- from the basic version to 3-tan and architectural asphalt Shingles.

Even though it has many merits, they are not the most durable option available in the market. They can last up to thirty years, depending on the climate and temperature they are exposed to. But if the granules of the asphalt shingles are gone, you don’t have any option other than replacing the entire roof.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is available in various forms, such as standing seam metal roofing and stone-coated steel roofing. They are very popular due to their ability to provide UV protection, keep away moisture, and their ability to stand firm and take a beating.

The cost of the metal roofing depends on the type of metal roofing you are planning to choose and the style you will take. Moreover, there is metal roofing available that can even withstand the impact of hail, water, and fire. But eventually, you will have to change the sheet as the damage will be evident from the look of your home.

Metal Roofing

Clay tiles

One natural roofing option is clay tiles that are made from earthen clay. They are perfect for homes in hot regions; therefore, they are widely used in desert and southern coastal regions. In addition, as they absorb low moisture, they require less maintenance.

But one of the significant disadvantages of clay tiles is that they are very costly. Even though they are lighter than concrete tile, they are still heavy and thus can pose a threat to the structure of your home. Although they are durable to some extent, they are fragile and can break when exposed to external elements.

So, consider these factors when you are choosing tiles for your home.

Roofing Material

Why Choosing The Right Roofing Material Is Essential?

If you are planning to replace your existing roofing or choose a roof for your new house, it is essential to know what all options are available to you. The material you choose for your home will decide the durability of your roof- whether it will provide value and style for years or you will have to change it after a few years. At times, you may buy roofing materials that are cheaper to install, but their maintenance cost can be very high. Therefore it is vital to spend time researching the roofing market to make an informed decision.

But if you are still stuck in the idea of ‘it’s just a roof! Why bother?’, You may look into this article to understand the relevance of choosing the suitable roofing materials for your house.

To avoid frequent roof replacements

One of the major mistakes people make is choosing the most inexpensive material for their home. They do this to cut some upfront costs. But they do not realize that the cheaper the material, the more likely you will have to replace the roof frequently. For example, even though replacing shingles frequently may not be that bothersome, it will be frustrating when you have to replace them regularly. By installing a high-quality roof, you can avoid a regular roof replacement.

roof replacements

A huge asset in the future

Another reason you invest in your roof is that they are an investment for the future. For most people, their home will be the most significant investment in their life. Therefore you will have to safeguard it at any cost, and quality roofing is the key to a safe house. A good quality roofing material will protect your home for years to come. Furthermore, when you plan to sell your house, the high-quality roof can attract potential buyers, thus boosting the value of your house.

Safeguard you and your house

Having a roof over your head is a privilege. It will protect you and your family from weather conditions and keep you warm. It will also protect you from outside dangers. In addition, a quality roof will withstand time and help your house avoid sun, wind, or other harsh climatic conditions that can threaten your home. It is true that when you are choosing more durable roofing, the cost will be more upfront. But the good news is that they will remain intact and robust for decades.

They are aesthetic

Another reason for choosing the right roofing material is that it will make your house look aesthetic.

It is indeed true that people will notice your roofing from a distance, but more importantly, you will see it daily. So, if you choose a roofing material that does not suit your style or preference, you won’t feel happy each time you look at your house. On the other hand, choosing the right material for a roof that complements your home will add to its beauty and give the perfect finishing touch.

Choosing the proper roofing can be overwhelming. Therefore it is best to reach out to a roofing contractor who can help you find the right roofing material for your house.